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The Technical Seminar organized by EXCEL S.A. was successfully conducted in the Mediterranean Hotel of Thessalonica on 03/10/2005.

March 15, 2005

With great success was conducted the technical seminar with subject: "Commercial and Free Multi Systems of HAIER" that was organized by EXCEL S.A. in the Mediterranean Hotel of Thessalonica on 03/10/2005

The main speaker of the seminar was Mr Liu Ping of HAIER and was attended by air-conditioning systems technicians and installators from the entire network of EXCEL?s Authorized Points from all over Greece.

EXCEL S.A. ?member of YALCO Group of companies- is the official and exclusive dealer of residential wall mounted, commercials and free multi air conditioners for HAIER, which distributes exclusivity in the Greek market with great success for the past five-year period.

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