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During the nine month period (January - September 2006), the financial figures of the Group and the parent Company were substantially improved compared to the corresponding period of 2005.

The Groups? pre tax profits reached the amount of 1,498 mil Euro versus 0,759 mil Euro in the corresponding period of 2005 while the parent companys pre tax profits reached 1,762 mil Euro versus 1,379 mil Euro during the nine month period of 2005. Moreover the Groups? after tax profits reached the amount of 1,039 mil Euro against 0,369 mil Euro during the corresponding period of 2005. On a parent basis, after tax profits reached the amount of 1,239 mil Euro vs. 0,991 mil Euro for the corresponding period of 2005.

Operating cash flows as well presented improvement of the same level, as of the abovementioned accounts.

Group sales for the period 01/01 - 30/09/2006 amounted 40,1 mil Euro against 33,1 mil Euro for the corresponding period of 2005. The 7,0 million (21,2%) increase in sales derives both from the parent company (4,0 mil Euro) and the subsidiaries, mainly EXCEL S.A. and OMNISHOP S.A., which presented satisfactory growth during the corresponding period.

It is also noted that the management investigates all strengthening potential of the company?s extraversion activities aiming to expand their consumer base.

It is finally noted that within the next few days, the studies -on the construction of a modern logistics centre of approximately 10.000 m 2 in the privately-owned facilities at Oinofita of a total area of 100.000 m2 - will be completed. The centres operation activities accompanied with the already installed CRM program, will substantially improve customer service activities and economies of scale will be also achieved.

The total cost of this investment amounts to 6,0 mil Euro and a part of this cost will be covered with subsidy of the developmental law 3299/2004.


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